Heart Valve Replacement Surgery Cost in India : Know Better


Heart Valve replacement surgery is a complicated process. Traditionally it was done by open heart surgery but now the Minimally  Invasive Cardiac Surgery ( MICS ) or the key hole surgery makes the heart Valve replacement surgery cost in India much lower and it decreases the additional ailments associated with the open heart surgery . The MICS makes the patient able to be back to normal life in more or less 10 days. So if the condition permits it is a always suggested to you to go for MICS in case you need a heart Valve replacement. In open heart surgery the chest bones are cut and for that the length of the incision becomes 6 to 8 inches whereas in MICS it is only 3 to 4 inches.

Conditions for Heart Valve Replacement

You may suffer from breathlessness or acute chest pain. Don’t ignore it as a normal symptom. It will be wise to go to doctor as early as possible. If the doctor thinks he will of course suggest you some tests. Through echocardiography and transesophageal echocardiography, angiogram, radionuclide scan and MRI the doctor will suggest if your health requires it or not. If any leakage in valve or any sort of valve narrowing or endocarditis or infection in valve or if the infection becomes antibiotic resistant the doctor may feel that you need heart valve replacement. There are other conditions also in which the same may be prescribed.

Types of Heart Valve Replacement

Heart valve replacement, after necessary pathological tests prescribed by the doctor may be done in some different procedures.

  • Mechanical valves which are tested and certified that these can endure stress and last for hundred years are used. But in this type of heart valve replacement there is a risk for you for blood clotting. So you should take anti-coagulation medicines throughout the rest of the life.
  • Tissue valves made from other animal’s tissues, either heart valve tissues or pericardial tissues and prepared in such way that the receiver’s body will not reject it are used also for Heart Valve replacement.
  • Homograft is a process where heart valve comes from the donor after the donor dies . The valve is taken out from the dead persons body and kept in scientific methods to make use of it for replacement.

Helping Facts

There are some good organisations which help in such cases. They arrange medical visas and help to get appointment with reputed surgeons, arrange accommodation and meals both for the patient and the persons who are accompanying. There are many well equipped hospitals in India in places like Chandigarh, Delhi, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Bangalore, and Kolkata where heart valve replacements are done with proper , intensive care .You may directly contact with them and they provide online free consultation also .


Heart valve replacement cost in India is only a fraction in comparison to other European countries. So often people chose India as the destination for such surgeries. In Bangalore the surgery costs between INR 70,000 and 3,44,015. For Chennai it remains between approximately INR 18,000 and 3,13,364 . Other places include Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Secunderabad, and Thane. The heart valve replacement cost varies from place to place so you should compare and opt for something within your range.


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