Points to think over when you are choosing an ortheopedic surgeon.


Thinking on the lines of an ortheopedic surgery is the first step towards an active lifestyle. It is therefore important that you are confident in your choice. If you come across the right surgeon who has a proven history of being part of successful surgeries along with recovery you are at the right place. It is therefore important that you feel comfortable with the surgeon and go on to ask them relevant questions along with answers. So what the best orthopaedic surgeon in India could do for you, let us get to the facts.

Check out with referrals

You could ask your general practioner about the list of orthopaedic surgeons who specialize in the treatment of knee replacements. Do ask them on what are the recommendations that tend to stand out. It is suggested that you do extend your pool of surgeons so that you get the best among the lot. If any of your friends have had a knee replacement surgery in the past you could ask them who performed the surgery and how did it go as well.

Just cross check the fact whether the surgeon that you have chosen is covered in the insurance plan. When you choose a surgeon outside the scope for sure it is going to increase the costs of treatment. There are certain hospitals which have dedicated orthopaedic departments and do check whether your hospital has one.

Verify the credentials of the surgeon

Do spend a certain degree of time evaluating the credentials of the surgeon. The training, education along with track record assumes a lot of importance. Do verify the fact whether the surgeon is board certified and which association he belongs to. By going through the website you can find out which association he is listed.

It would be wise on your part to ask the surgeon on what is the amount of procedures they perform on an annual basis. Studies do point to the fact that surgeons who have had more than 12 knee replacement surgeries a year have a better degree of success. Some of the surgeons are known to perform hundreds of surgeries in a given year.

Training or surgical expertise

It is not only that surgeons gain experience by performing operations, they continue to do so by continuous education. If you are of the opinion that a surgical approach could be right for you, then you would need to verify the surgeon is trained in that procedure. More often than not a surgeon is known to receive training from the manufacture. Hospitals are known to have tie ups with specific manufactures. By doing so it is likely that you are going to find a surgeon who is trained in the specific area that you are exploring.

Always give due weightage to the recommendations of your surgeon. They are in the best position to suggest what works best for you and do not be afraid to ask your surgeon any questions.

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